Recreation Viewer - User Guide

Top Bar:

Browse through the Activity and Destination drop-downs to quickly discover what the region has to offer.

Simply select an activity or destination from either of the drop-down menus at the top of the screen and see them displayed on the map.

Once selected, click on any icon on the map to get additional information about that location, including a link to the official park website and their social media pages (if available).

Note: Only one activity or destination is shown in the map. Selecting an Activity then selecting a Destination will clear the Activity previously selected and only show the Destination.

Clicking the "Clear All" button resets both dropdowns to the default value and removes all activities and destinations from the map.

Map Content:

The map content window displays the legend and provides the ability to customize what you see on the map. Map layers for Bicycle Infrastructure and Public Transportation can be turned on and off by checking the box next to the layer. To quickly turn on all the layers, click the button above the list of layers.

Advanced Selection:

The advanced selection allows you to search by address or name of the park, by city, or by multiple activities. Search results are shown directly on the map in the form of icons.

To search by address, park name, or trail type it into the search box at the top of the Advanced Selection window.To limit your search to just address, park name or trail, use the drop-down to the immediate left of the search box (e.g. click on the upside down triangle).

To search for multiple activities (i.e. a park with a soccer field and a splash pad), click in the Activities box and select from the drop down list that pops up. Repeat this process for each activity you want to filter on. You can further refine your search by city, if desired. To search by city, click on the Cities box and select from the drop down list that pops up. All parks within that city (or cities, if you select multiple) will be displayed on the map. You can further refine your search by specific activity (or multiple activities), if desired. Pressing the "Start Over" button takes you back to the default view with no parks selected.

Basemap Options:

Basemap options change the background of the map. Select from a standard street map, satellite imagery, or the USGS National Map.

Navigating around the map:

Zoom in and out on the map using a mouse scroll-wheel or the orange “+” and ”-“ icons in the upper left of the map. Clicking on the orange home icon will reset the map to the original view. The orange locate icon, below the home icon in the upper left, will zoom to your approximate location (you will be prompted to allow the program to locate you).

Printing a Map:

To export the current map view, click on the orange print icon in the lower left of the map. You will then have the option to provide a customized map title, set the page orientation, and choose a file format (JPG or PDF). Once the file is generated a link will be provided to it beneath the orange “Export” button. Your generated map will appear in a new browser tab.


If the map is not responsive, check to make sure the setting option “Use hardware acceleration when available” is checked on in your browser. This setting can be found under advanced system settings and will enable faster rendering.